Fayette Area Dog Training, LLC


Fayette Area Dog Training ensures that you achieve ultimate control with your dog. That's what it all boils down to. Your dog will learn to listen to you in your home, in a public setting, and anywhere in between. Proper control can keep your dog from running away, and even save his life. 

Working to make a difference.

Pictured above are my first three dogs ever. My first, on the far left, I adopted when I was only eleven years old. He was still a puppy at the time, and he has taught me so, so much. I took him to an obedience course soon after I adopted him, and I truly believe learning how to train him helped us foster the most rewarding relationship possible. I took in the next two a few years later, and training them all has really opened my eyes to how loving dogs can be. They teach you something about yourself, and that's why I love working with them. I founded Fayette Area Dog Training, LLC in hope of sharing my experience with others, so that they, too, can have the best relationships possible with their canine companions.

-J. Tyler Garlick

Founder and Owner, Fayette Area Dog Training, LLC


If our dogs can trust us entirely, then they can live happier lives. At Fayette Area Dog Training, clients learn how to build these immensely satisfying relationships with their dogs.
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Never-Ending Loyalty

Our dogs will love us no matter what. On that note, we don't train for love, we train for respect. When our dogs respect us and see us as the Alpha, it is like a weight lifted off of their shoulders! They will trust you to meet ALL of their needs (which isn't much more then eating, sleeping, pooping, and being loved).