A Truly Progressive Practice

Fayette Area Dog Training, LLC takes on a natural approach to dog training, playing on dogs' inherent drives to make training enjoyable, practical, and challenging. At the end of the day, our training makes sense to dogs, and handlers go home with the knowledge and skills necessary to continue training on their own once their time with us is up. In basic obedience, we focus largely on the pack drive and building a proper relationship with one's dog. 

Essentially, the pack drive refers to a dog's natural desire to be a member of a pack. Remember, think like a dog: Your dog sees your household as a pack, not a human family.  Therefore, your dog looks for someone to step up to the alpha role. In other words, your dog wants someone to be in charge. As shocking as it may seem, simply babying our dogs does not necessarily make their lives better (although, I know we all spoil our dogs to some extent).

Dogs tend to respond well to structure. Structuring our dogs' lives tends to make them happier, reducing stress and anxiety by teaching our dogs that we are in charge and that they no longer need to try to step up to the plate and take on the alpha role. Dog training with Fayette Area Dog Training, LLC is not just about having an obedient dog; it's about having the best possible relationship with your dog. 

-J. Tyler Garlick

Founder and Owner, Fayette Area Dog Training, LLC  

The Relational Approach to Dog Training

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