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We had a wonderful time in our class, and you could see the dogs transforming from week to week which was amazing. Tyler is very patient and knowledgeable and doesn't rush you. It doesn't matter how old your dog is these classes will make life with your fur baby so much better!


I have a huge Neo Mastiff and he can get pretty wild. I think I am 7 weeks into the training and I have seen a Huge difference already. Sometimes my dog just wants to do whatever and I have a hard time controlling him. James steps in and shows the correct ways to do every technique. I also have another very high sprung German Shepherd and they are both doing great. I highly recommend. Also he will help with temporary items while training for the session Iike his leash leads, collars, and toys. He also was great on the initial meeting and explained everything and wasn't just trying to get paid. He loves what he does and he is great at it and with my pups.


Tyler has made such a difference in our Bailey. After one session working with two dogs that were not able to look at each other without trying to fight, we had the two in the house together and did not have even a single growl. Miss Bailey is doing SO much better in her classes around other dogs. It really is a dramatic difference! Not only is Bailey learning again that she is safe around other dogs, but we are learning how to make her feel that way. Thanks Tyler!

-Joyce and Tammy


Very reasonable prices. Made a quick connection with our dog. Only been working with him for 4 weeks on the skills and seeing great improvements. Would recommend to anyone in the area.


My pit bull mix Maggie just finished basic obedience training with Fayette Area Dog Training. She also obtained her good canine citizenship certification. Before her doggie obedience classes I was unable to walk Maggie on a leash. She pulled so terribly bad that walks were very unenjoyable for the both of us. Now, I am able to walk Maggie on a loose leash. She responses immediately to the heel command as well as other basic obedience commands. Tyler is a very patient and encouraging instructor. Classes are pleasant and well structured and there is plenty of one-on-one time. I highly recommend Fayette Area Dog Training to anyone having similar issues with their dogs or just looking for some socialization for their pet.


Here is what some of our satisfied customers have to say.

Second session with Lilly and she is doing great! If anyone is experiencing difficulty with aggression, etc. , FADT is the answer!!


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